How To Do Double Unders

Double Unders Exercise

Double Unders is a great way to develop conditioning and at the same time build your legs and calf muscles.

Double Unders requires timing, speed and coordination.

It can be used as a warm up before commencing exercise or as part of an interval program to improve your level of cardiovascular endurance and overall conditioning.

This is a valuable exercise to include in your exercise rotation if you want a low impact activity as a form of cardio to lose weight or burn off body fat.

Double Unders Progression & Mobility

  • The first thing you need to do to get Double Unders right is to check the length of your jump rope. Step on the middle of your rope and pull the handles up to the sides. The correct distance is the point where your hands remain close to your hips and the forearms parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your feet closer than hip width position. Assume a tight core throughout the exercise. Initiate the rotation of the rope and jump off from your toes. Throughout Double Unders, the rotation will be coming from the wrists not the shoulders.
  • Always be on your toes; jump up in a straight line. Stay in one place. Focus on a point on the wall that allows you to maintain proper form.
  • Jump quicker to get a second jump under the rope with every rotation.
  • Continue the exercise until you have completed the targeted time interval.

Faults, Form and Technique

Always get your rope length correct. Using a longer rope will create a larger slack and increase the chances of your feet getting tangled up.

The rotation should only come from the wrist. If you rotate with your shoulders not only will you get tired faster, but the rope will shorten.

Stay only in one place. If you move all over the floor you increase the chances of getting tangled with the rope and losing your balance.

Jump straight up on your toes. Do not pike forward as you may get your feet entangled with the rope.

VariationsJumping Jacks

Double Unders