Inchworm exercise is a dynamic exercise that primarily targets the transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis but also engages other muscle groups.

These include the hamstrings, lower back, shoulders, triceps and upper back.

Inchworm will help develop flexibility, mobility and coordination. It can be used as an overall warm up before starting out any exercise.

It can also be part of an interval training program designed to build conditioning and mobility.

Inchworm How To

  • Assume a shoulder width stance.
  • Bend at the hips and touch the floor with your finger tips. Keep your legs straight but maintain a slight bend at the knees.
  • Slowly crawl forward with your hands until your arms are past your head. Keep your arms straight but maintain a slight bend at the elbows. Your legs must also be straightened out. Keep a flat back position where your upper back is in line with your hips and heels. Hold the position for a count of “five”.
  • Crawl your way back to starting position by following the same pathway. Maintain a straight legs position.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have completed the targeted number of reps.

Form and Technique

Inchworm may seem difficult but the key is to not rush the exercise. Start out slow and focus on maintaining a flat back position.

Do not drop your hips or raise it too high as it will remove tension on the abdominal area.

If you have shoulder issues, do not extend your arms too far forward.

Variations: Spider Crawl, Bear Crawl, Crab Walk

Routine for Strength: 5 sets x AMRAP (30 secs rest between sets)


How To Do Inchworm