How To Do Kettlebell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch Exercise

Kettlebell Snatch is a great exercise for working the quadriceps, gluteus muscles, hamstrings and lower back.

It also engages the rear shoulders, upper back, traps and forearms.

Kettlebell Snatch is a unilateral exercise which means you will be working one side at a time.

There will be shifts in bodyweight which will activate the core muscles to stabilise the body, distribute the forces and protect the lower back from compression.

Kettlebell Snatch will improve your power, coordination, stability, mobility and balance.

As a unilateral exercise, it will also address strength imbalances in your body.

Kettlebell Snatch Progression & Mobility

  • Position a kettlebell between your legs. Assume a hip width stance with feet in a neutral position.
  • Grab the handle of the kettlebell with one hand. Your back should be at a 45 degree angle; hips lower than the shoulders but higher than the knees. Your shoulder must be in line with your elbow, the kettlebell and your wrist. Knees should remain over the feet. You can extend your free hand forward for stability.
  • Push your feet through the floor and extend at the knees. Explosively drive your hips forward to throw the kettlebell slightly behind your head. Bend your knees to catch the weight at the top position.
  • Straighten your legs and bring your feet back to hip width position.
  • Return the kettlebell to the starting position.
  • Once you have completed the targeted number of reps with one side, switch and work the other side.
  • Perform the exact number of reps on both sides.

Faults, Form and Technique

The key to getting the kettlebell in the overhead snatch position is the angle of the elbow at the top of the pull.

You elbow should be angled straight up and not to the side.

When your elbow is directed to the side the kettlebell will swing in that direction and throw you off balance.

Do not use muscle strength to bring the kettlebell overhead. You may injure your elbow or shoulder.

Variations: Dumbbell Snatch

Kettlebell Snatch