Bar Muscle Up is an advanced exercise which targets the lat muscles, upper back, shoulders, traps, chest and triceps.

It also works the hips, lower back and rectus abdominis when starting the kipping motion.

Bar Muscle Up is an exercise that you must learn in stages: proper kipping, transition from front lever to pull up over the chest then the push up from the bar.

This is a precise exercise that must be done fast and explosively. The key is to get a powerful kipping motion going at the start.

This will help generate the momentum to get you in a strong front lever position.

Bar Muscle Up Progression & Mobility

  • Stand under a pull up bar. Jump up and take a shoulder width, overhand grip on the bar.
  • Start the kipping motion by alternately opening and closing the distance between the sternum and navel. Kipping will initiate your legs into a whipping motion.
  • As you gain momentum, transition to the front lever position. Lean back and use the momentum to help your lat muscles pull you up and over the bar.
  • Pull your elbows in to bring your chest over the bar; push your head and shoulders through and over the bar.
  • At the top position, transition to a push up by extending at the elbows and locking out at the top.
  • Return to the start position by lowering your body under control.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have completed the targeted number or reps or time period.

Faults, Form and Technique

The biggest fault in Bar Muscle Up is not generating enough momentum from your kipping motion.

Often what happens is you end up with only one arm over the bar or a “chicken wing”.

This places tremendous shearing forces on your elbow and shoulder.

Variations: Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up | Kipping Pull Up

Bar Muscle Ups

How To Do Bar Muscle Up