How To Do Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up

Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up is a challenging exercise which targets the lat muscles, upper back, rear shoulders, traps, biceps and forearms.

There is secondary emphasis on the hip flexors, lower back and the rectus abdominis when initiating the kipping motion.

Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up requires coordination, flexibility and agility to start the kipping motion and during the transition to the pull up.

This is a fast, explosive exercise which demands precise execution of technique.

Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up Progression & Mobility

  • Stand under a pull up bar. Jump up and take a shoulder width, overhand grip on the pull up bar. Stabilise your body; make sure your shoulders, hips and heels are aligned.
  • Start the kip by alternately opening and closing the distance between the sternum and the navel. This will create a whipping motion with your legs.
  • As you build up momentum with the kipping motion, on the back swing when you are leaning back, pull yourself up and over the bar.
  • Near the top position, pull your elbows in to bring your upper chest in contact with the bar.
  • On return to starting position, push away from the pull up bar to re-start the kipping motion. At the bottom position, you should find your sternum opening up away from the navel which keeps the kipping motion going.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have completed the targeted number of reps or time period.

Faults, Form and Technique

The most common fault in Kipping Chest To Bar Pull Up is not generating enough momentum with the kipping motion. The exercise ends up becoming a strict pull up.

Another fault is not using the sternum and navel to initiate the kipping motion and instead use the hips.

This will not generate the momentum needed to launch your body up toward the pull up bar.

Variations: Kipping Pull Up | Jumping Pull Up

Kipping Chest To Bar Pullup