Barbell Tricep Extension exercise is an effective exercise for isolating the triceps.

This exercise primarily works the long head of the tricep which accounts for the size of the muscle.

It also places secondary emphasis on the front head of your shoulders.

Barbell Tricep Extensions can be done after a heavy pressing exercise such as the Overhead Shoulder Press or the Bench Press.

It is best to use light to moderate weights with this exercise so you can maintain proper form and technique.

Barbell Tricep Extension How To

  • Place a barbell on your hips as you sit on a flat bench. Take a close overhand grip on a barbell and bring it to your chest. Lie down on the flat bench and press the barbell straight up.
  • The barbell must be in line with your wrists, elbows and shoulders. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground. Arch your lower back a bit.
  • Take a deep breath, exhale then resist the weight as you lower the barbell toward your forehead. The bar should stop short of touching your forehead.
  • Extend the elbow and press the weight back up to starting position. Fully extend your elbows to make sure you get a strong contraction on the tricep.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have completed the targeted number of reps.

Form and Technique

With Barbell Tricep Extension, the closer the grip the greater the involvement of the tricep.

But if you have elbow problems, spread your grip wider and find a distance that is more comfortable.

Keep your elbows in throughout the exercise. Do not let the elbows flare out.

VariationsDumbbell Tricep Extension | Cable Tricep Extension

Routine for Strength: 3 sets x 12-15 reps

Routine for Muscle Gains: 4-5 sets x 6-8 reps

Barbell Tricep Extension

How To Do Barbell Tricep Extensions