Dumbbell Push Press exercise is a fantastic exercise that not only builds the shoulder muscles but develops power and speed.

Dumbbell Push Presses also works the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, hips, upper back, traps and rear shoulders.

This exercise requires coordination, stability and balance. Your core section will be activated throughout the exercise to ensure your upper body maintains the correct position while supporting the lower back.

Dumbbell Push Press is a great exercise to help improve mobility.

Dumbbell Push Press Progression & Mobility

  • Assume a hip width stance and place a dumbbell along the outside of both feet which are in a neutral position.
  • Bend at the hips then the knees and grab the dumbbell with each hand. Your back should be at a 45 degree angle; hips lower than your shoulders but higher than the knees.
  • Push your heels through the floor; extend at the knees then drive your hips forward. Explode up and swing the dumbbells over your shoulders.
  • Catch the weight by bending your knees and moving your feet to shoulder width position as the dumbbells go on your shoulders. Your hips are back and knees slightly forward.
  • At this position, your elbows should be higher or in line with your shoulders and arms parallel to the floor. One end of the dumbbell must on top of your shoulder while the other end is in line with your elbow.
  • Straighten your legs and bring your feet back to hip width position.
  • Dip by bending the knees and dropping the hips then drive through the heels to press the dumbbells overhead. Push your head through your arms as you approach lock out.
  • Rotate your palms out as you lock your elbows with the dumbbells touching at the top.
  • Bring the dumbbells to your shoulders by dipping slightly and repeat the exercise until you have completed your targeted number of reps.

Faults, Form and Technique

Positioning the dumbbells on your shoulders with palms facing out may cause you to press too far out to the side.

This will make you lose balance and place unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and elbows.

Starting the press with the dumbbells in front of your shoulder will make you backward and place the back in a hyper-extended position.

Variations: Dumbbell Clean And Jerk, Kettlebell Clean And Press

Dumbbell Push Press

How To Do Dumbbell Push Press