How To Do Front Rack Lunge

Front Rack Lunge Exercise

Front Rack Lunge is a great exercise for building the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus muscles and calves.

It also targets the hips, lower back and keeps the core section engaged throughout the exercise.

Front Rack Lunge will develop strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Front Rack Lunge Progression & Mobility

  • Take a wider than shoulder width grip on a barbell and position it across your shoulders. Secure it with an open hand grip with elbows angled higher and arms parallel to the floor.
  • Take a few steps back. Assume a hip width stance; tighten your core section, hips and chest out to maintain a flat back position.
  • Lunge forward with one leg; knee must be in line with your foot. Back knee on the floor must be in line with your hips and shoulders.
  • Elbows must remain high and parallel to the floor.
  • Push off with your front foot back to starting position.
  • Repeat exercise with the other leg.
  • Continue Front Rack Lunge until you have completed targeted number of reps or time interval.

Faults, Form and Technique

Lunging with upper body leaning too far forward will place barbell off alignment and leave you unbalanced.

Taking a short lunge will place the knee in a vulnerable position during the push off as it will be far in front of the foot.

Another fault would be positioning the bar on the shoulders with the elbows down.

This drags you forward during the lunge and will affect balance. This is why you use the open hand grip to secure the bar as it allows you to keep your elbows raised higher.

Variations: Overhead Lunge, Kettlebell Overhead Lunge