Walking lunge exercise is a perfect exercise to include along with your squats and deadlifts in a lower body workout.

Walking lunges are great for developing strong glutes, quads, and also for increasing core strength and balance as both will be tested with each step you take.

This exercise can either be performed holding a set of dumbbells down by your sides or with a barbell across your back.

Walking Lunges Exercise How To

  • Start standing, holding a set of dumbbells down by your sides.
  • Take one step forward about 2-3 feet (or a comfortable distance) and then slowly begin bending both knees as you lunge forward and down.
  • Come down until the back knee is almost touching the floor and then rise back up, this time stepping the rear leg forward as you start the lunge to the opposing side.
  • Keep alternating sides, switching legs until you have made your way across the room (or completed your target number of reps)

Form and Technique

Be sure to step a far enough distance away that you don’t let the knee lunge too far past the toes.

Doing so could put your knee at risk for strain.  Also watch that the knee moves directly over the toes, not out to either side of the body.

Variations:   Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squat

Routine for Strength:  5 sets x 20 metres (30 secs rest between sets)

Routine for Muscle Gains:  n/a

Walking Lunges

How To Do Walking Lunges