How To Do Hack Squat

Hack Squat Exercise

Hack squat is an excellent compound exercise used for building strength in the lower body while improving your explosive power.

It’s a great exercise that can be used interchangeably with the regular squat when needed in your workout program.

This exercise can be done in a hack squat machine or with a barbell in a standing position as well.  We’ll go over the barbell version.

Hack Squat How To

  • Place a barbell on the floor and stand right in front of it.  From there, grab hold of the barbell with both hands placed back on the bar using an underhand grip.  The back should be in a relatively flat position here with the head looking up.
  • Slowly begin to press up through the legs as you rise into the standing position. As you do this, the bar should just clear your bum.
  • Move into the full standing position and then pause before bending the knees and lowering back down into the squat, the bar almost touching the ground.
  • Press up to start the next rep. Complete all reps before lowering the barbell back down so it’s resting on the ground.

Form and Technique

Keep the movement slow and controlled and ensure that your breathing is regulated to help with maximum strength and power output.

Don’t let the head look down while performing this exercise or you may place excess strain on the neck.

Variations:   Squats, Reverse Hack Squat

Routine for Strength:  3 sets x 12-15 reps

Routine for Muscle Gains:  4-5 sets x 6-8 reps

Hack Squat