How To Do Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat Exercise

Pistol squat is a bodyweight exercise that is probably one of the most challenge bodyweight squats you can do.

One attempt at this exercise will show you just how challenging it really is and as such, it’s the perfect exercise to add into your lower body workout routine.

It’ll work all the major muscles of the lower body, while also improving your balance, agility, and coordination as well.

Pistol Squat How To

  • Start standing with the hands directly out in front of you for balance as your lower yourself
  • Lift one foot up off the floor and point it out in front of you, parallel to the ground
  • Slowly begin to squat down, lowering down until you are in the full squat position with the bum just inches from the ground.  At this point the elevated leg should be straight out directly in front of the body.
  • Once in the bottom of the position, press back up to the start to finish the rep. Perform all reps and then switch sides and repeat.

Form and Technique

This exercise can be very challenging, so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t able to perform more than one rep to start.

Keep working at it and over time you’ll become stronger.

Variations:   Lunges, Bulgarian Split Squat

Routine for Strength:  5 sets x AMRAP (30 secs rest between sets)

Routine for Muscle Gains:  5 sets x AMRAP (45-60 secs rest between sets)

Pistol Squat