How To Do Incline Pushups

Incline Pushups Exercise

Incline pushups are a great chest exercise that can help target your lower pecs, as well as your front deltoids, making it a great exercise to have in an upper body workout.

Thanks to the incline, more tension is placed on the lower chest muscles compared to the standard flat push ups.

Add this one in replacement of the incline bench press if equipment is not available or as an additional add-on exercise towards the end of your workout to reach a state of fatigue.

Incline Pushups How To

  • Place a bench or aerobics step with risers in front of you and then position the hands on the ledge with the body extended beneath you in a regular push up position. The hands should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
  • Once ready, slowly begin to bend the elbows as you lower the chest down to the bench. Pause in the lowered position and then press directly back up to complete the rep.
  • Go slower for greater Time Under Tension (TUT) on the chest muscles to trigger growth.
  • Continue on until all reps are completed.

Form and Technique

While doing this exercise, be sure to keep the core tight to avoid letting the body sag down or arc up and always perform it in a slow and controlled movement pattern.

Remember to keep the head looking down as you execute the movement to avoid placing excess strain on your neck.

Finally, lower all the way down so that the sternum is almost touching the bench so you are utilising the full range of motion.

Variations:   Push Ups, Decline Pushups

Routine for Strength:  5 sets x AMRAP (30 secs rest between sets)

Routine for Muscle Gains:   5 sets x AMRAP (45-60 secs rest between sets)

Incline Pushups