How To Do Spiderman Pushups

Spiderman Pushups Exercise

Spiderman pushups are a great exercise for working the chest, arms, as well as the core muscles.

Unlike the standard push up, this exercise brings the lower body into play to a greater degree, using the core muscles to execute the contraction.

This advanced pushup variation should only be done once you can fully complete standard pushups without a problem.

Spiderman Pushups How To

  • Enter a standard push up position, balancing on both hands placed directly under the shoulders as well as the feet on the floor, legs extended (note that you can place the knees down if needed for a modified and easier version)
  • Lower yourself down to just above the floor.
  • As you press up, drive one knee into the shoulder as high as you can go.
  • Pause and then lower that knee and place the foot back on the floor.
  • Next rep, lift the other leg up to the knee. Continue alternating as you go.
  • Continue until all reps are completed.

Form and Technique

While doing this exercise, it’s important to maintain constant tension in the core at all times.

Never let the lower back dip or rise up as this means less tension is placed on the chest muscles.

Variations:   Pushups, Mountain Climbers

Routine for Strength:  5 sets x AMRAP (30 secs rest between sets)

Routine for Muscle Gains:  5 sets x AMRAP (45-60 secs rest between sets)

Spiderman Pushups