Spider Crawls Exercise

Spider Crawls is a unique exercise that engages several muscles in the body: the entire core section, the shoulders, chest, legs, lower back and glutes.

Spider Crawls builds overall body strength. Doing Spider Crawls going forward will emphasize the legs while going backward will place more resistance on the upper body.

This exercise will also help develop coordination, flexibility, mobility and stability.

If you are recovering from shoulder injuries and cannot lift weights, Spider Crawls is a great exercise for rehab.

It utilises different neural pathways so you can work around the injured area and continually strengthen your shoulders.

Spider Crawls How To

  • Start out with your hands and knees on the floor. Elevate your hips so that your knees are off the floor. Maintain a straight back position; your upper back must be in line with your hips and shoulders.
  • Crawl by moving your right arm forward simultaneously with your left leg. Then alternate with your left arm followed by your right leg. The knee must not extend past your hips. Maintain the low back position throughout the exercise.
  • To increase the degree of difficulty, crawl going backward. This time, lead with your right leg going back followed by your left arm.
  • Alternate with your left leg moving back followed by your right arm.
  • Repeat until you have completed the targeted number of crawls or the time period for the exercise.

Form and Technique

Spider Crawls require coordination. You have to get the correct form before picking up speed.

Remember to maintain the flat back position and to go low while crawling. Do not drop your hips too low.

Going backward is more difficult. Again start out slow and pick up speed once you have perfected your form and technique.

One of the most effective ways of doing Spider Crawls is to do several sets of 40 second crawls; 20 seconds forward and 20 seconds backward. Keep your rest period to 2 minutes between sets.

Variations: Mountain Climbers, Quadruped, Plank Lateral Crawls

Routine for Strength: 3 sets x 40 seconds

Spider Crawls

How To Do Spider Crawls