How To Do Turkish Get Up (Dumbbell)

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up Exercise

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up is an excellent functional exercise that primarily works the core muscles but also engages the legs, arms and shoulders.

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up helps build a strong core section and improves overall body mobility, stability and coordination.

This is a valuable exercise for those who participate in activities that require agility such as soccer, rugby and basketball.

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up can be part of an interval training program that focuses on conditioning.

Dumbbell Turkish Get Up How To

  • Pick up a dumbbell and lie on your back on the floor.
  • With one arm, press the dumbbell up. Keep your legs straight and your other arm on the side. This is the starting position of Dumbbell Turkish Get Up.
  • Stand up from the floor while keeping the dumbbell overhead with a straight arm position.
  • Once you are standing up, keep the arm raised and work your way back to starting position.
  • When you have completed the number of reps on one side, switch and work the other side.
  • Perform the exact number of reps on both sides.

Form and Technique

The key to Dumbbell Turkish Get Up is to keep one arm overhead in a straightened position.

This keeps the tension on the core muscles and forces the trainer to be more focused on how to get his or her body off the floor.

A good program would be to perform Dumbbell Turkish Get Up as a time under tension exercise.

Do as many Dumbbell Turkish Get Ups as you can in one minute. Record the number of reps that you are able to do.

Variations: Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Routine for Strength: 5 sets x AMRAP (30 secs rest between sets)