Kettlebell Turkish Get Up is a great functional exercise that effectively works the core muscles but also engages the legs, arms and shoulders.

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up builds a strong core section and improves overall body mobility, stability and coordination.

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up Progression & Mobility

  • Pick up a kettlebell and lie on your back on the floor.
  • With both arms, press the kettlebell up over your shoulders. Bring one arm to the side for support. The working arm with the kettlebell must remain straight and in line with the shoulder.
  • Bend the knee on the same side as the kettlebell. Push your heel through the floor to turn your body to the other side all the while maintaining the straight arm position on the kettlebell which should now be over the shoulder.
  • Bring the elbow of the supporting arm under the shoulder then push up with the arm. Switch the foot as the same side of the kettlebell over the other foot.
  • Push off with the foot on the kettlebell side simultaneously with the supporting arm. Your supporting knee will be on the floor with the kettlebell now over it.
  • Bring your body up to the bottom position of the lunge. The kettlebell is now in line with the shoulder and the supporting knee.
  • Push off with both feet to get to standing position.
  • Once you are standing up, keep the arm raised and work your way back to starting position by going through the process in reverse.
  • When you have completed the number of reps on one side, switch and work the other side.
  • Perform the exact number of reps on both sides.

Faults, Form and Technique

When doing Kettlebell Turkish Get Up, keep your eyes on the kettlebell throughout the exercise.

This means from the start of the exercise to the top position and on the way back in reverse. Doing otherwise will take your focus off and affect your balance.

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up takes time to execute properly. Do not rush through the exercise.

Variations: Dumbbell Turkish Get Up

Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

How To Do Kettlebell Turkish Get Up