Close Grip EZ Bar Curl Exercise

Close Grip EZ Bar Curl is an excellent exercise for building the biceps and the forearms.

It hits the long head of the biceps which accounts for its size and shape.

The EZ Curl Bar Curl is a safer alternative to the regular Barbell Curl because the wrists are turned slightly inward.

This position places less stress on the wrist joints and tendons.

Close Grip EZ Bar Curl How To

  • Take an underhand grip on an EZ bar where your hands are roughly 15 cm apart. Keep a slight bend on your elbows which must remain ahead of your hips throughout the exercise.
  • Assume a shoulder width stance; bend your knees slightly, arch your lower back, push your chest out and keep your core tight.
  • Take a deep breath, exhale then flex at the elbows to curl the weight straight up toward your shoulders.
  • Resist the weight on the way back down to starting position. Do not lock out your elbows.
  • Repeat the exercise until you have completed the targeted number of reps.

Form and Technique

Make sure your elbows stay in front of your hips all the time. Do not move your elbow forward and back during the exercise.

Do not bend at the trunk or round your shoulders to use momentum to curl the weight up.

Variations: Barbell Curl, Drag Curls, 21’s

Routine for Strength: 3 sets x 12-15 reps

Routine for Muscle Gains: 4-5 sets x 6-8 reps

Close Grip EZ Bar Curl

How To Do Close Grip EZ Bar Curl